We are not just another company.
We are not ignorant of our customer/vendor satisfaction.
We are not settled with less than excellence.
We are not new in the field or inexperienced.
We are not afraid to invest on products and ideas.
We are not compromising with our goals and objectives.
We are not avoiding our responsibilities.
We are not to be taken lightly.



Based in Thessaloniki – Greece (Head Office) and Athens (Branch Office), we are a company involved in distributing medical equipment from foreign manufacturers to the Greek private/public hospitals. Consisted of 14 employees, including an experienced team of salesmen, our main focus in recent years has been cardio-vascular products, orthopedic, neuro-surgery and spine-surgery products, trauma products and products for intensive care units and anesthesiology.

National Distributions


Our core values are those assets that differentiate us from the competition and highlight the degree of flexibility upon which we can manage and control the company’s processes. These are:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Loyalty and credibility to the customer
  • Meticulous and detailed planning of our strategic goals
  • Thorough supervision of our supply chain